The future is largely dependent on the development of alternative and sustainable renewable energy sources

Biomass Energy

Bio energy will be soon the main source of energy in many countries worldwide. Alternative energies are replacing fossil – and nuclear power at an increasing rate. Basically absorbed solar energy, occurs in the form of living or recently living plants and waste. Plants absorb the sun’s energy in a process called photosynthesis. When biomass is burned, the chemical energy in biomass is released as heat. Biomass can be burned directly or converted to liquid biofuels or biogas that can be burned as fuels. Biomass has been classed as a renewable energy source in the EU and UN legal frameworks, because plant stocks can be replaced with new growth.

We supply

The annual olive oil production exceeds 18 million metric tonnes worldwide and 12 million metric tonnes in Europe. Our olive biomasses are produced and distributed in accordance with the highest possible sustainability and environmental standards. There are sufficient olive residues for the production of biomass fuel. We supply: industrial olive pellets, olive cake, stoneless olive pulp, wood pellets, and other biomass products on request.

Logistics service

We see ourselves as a full-service provider for our clients and organize the entire supply chain logistics in addition to the sale of biomass.

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Olive Biomass Energy

Renewable energy to replace conventional methods resulting in a better world


carbon nutral

Naturally most renewable energy sources are carbon nutral and produce little to no global warming emissions. During photosynthesis sunlight and carbon dioxide (CO2) bonded in the air are transformed into organic substance. During the combustion, the stored energy and the carbon from the biomass are released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. The released carbon dioxide has been sequestered by the biomass before.

widely available

Bountiful in supply, Biomass is one of renewable energy sources and refers to biological material derived from living organisms such as plants and waste. We may never encounter problems that we are experiencing with fossil fuels. Heating and power stations which produce heat and electricity with biomass are already an important part of our energy supply. Even the waste of biomass can be channeled to profitable use.


Biomass is considered the renewable energy source with the highest potential to contribute to the energy needs of modern society for both the industrialized and developing countries worldwide. Sources of sustainable biomass energy are plentiful so long as they are carefully managed, harvested, and replenished.


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