Olive Biomass

We deliver these products in large quantities from different countries around the Mediterranean to mainly The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Olive Biomass for Energy – The most efficient alternative to coal. 
Olive biomass releases considerable energy during its combustion and its calorific value largely exceeds that of other wood or agricultural biomass. Biomass fuels are probably the oldest form of energy sources where organic materials are utilized to generate power. Olive biomass is the solid residue from the production of olive oil. The solid olive residue is composed of olive pits and dried olive cake

In contrast to wood pellets, no energy crops are required for the production of olive and olive pellets. Olive biomass is obtained from the residue of olive oil production and therefore requires only olive harvesting and tree pruning, not chopping or chopping the olive tree. Olive biomass is therefore not responsible for deforestation on earth.

The mix of pulp, shell and grains undergoes a careful transformation into high-quality biofuels. Olive pellets are dried, dust-free and can be used without any restriction throughout Europe as industrial biofuels.

Olive cake is a by-product of the production process of olive oil and consists of peel, pulp and olive kernel fragments. Depending on the processing phase, the olive cake has a higher or lower oil content. It is available all year round and the olive cake is used as co-firing raw material (co-fermentation) for the bio-gas installations at farms, power plants and municipalities for green bio-gas production.

Thanks to the excellent burning properties of the olive pellets, in a growing number of companies, such as thermal and conventional power plants, cement plants and industrial plants, this material is already being used as an alternative fuel, but is also suitable for pellet stove or pellet boiler plants.

Benefits of Olive Biomass

  • The product is oil-bearing and is therefore water repellent on storage and contains less dust.
  • A much better combustion value compared to wood pellets.
  • The ash of olive burning has no disposal rights and is therefore suitable for spreading over the crops or the land as fertilizer because of its purity.
  • Olive pellets and olive cake are available throughout the year with residue from production.
  • No burden on the environment by cutting down trees
  • A higher and better CO2 compensation


Olive Biomass Energy

Renewable energy to replace conventional methods resulting in a better world


Olive Pellets

Olive pellets are an alternative biomass fuel to wood pellets. As a granulate, they are suitable for biomass boilers, gasification plants, cogeneration units and thermal power stations. 

Olive Cake

Thanks to its excellent suitability for combustion, growing number of companies such as thermal and conventional power stations, cement factories and industrial plants, use it as an alternative fuel.

Olive Pulp

Olive Pulp / Stoneless olive cake is an ideal substitute for scarce, conventional biomasses (e.g. industrial corn) used for biogas production.

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