Olive Cake

Olive Cake

Olive cake is a by-product of the olive oil production process and consists of shells, pulp and olive pit fragements (approx. 40-45%). Depending on the processing phase, the olive cake has a higher or lower oil content. 

It is an ideal biofuel Thanks to its excellent suitability for combustion, a growing number of companies such as thermal and conventional power station operators, cement factories and industrial plants, have used this material as an alternative fuel. It can also be used as a co-firing fuel for gasification plants and biomass boilers.

Olive Cake is widely used in Western Europe for co firing with coal. Usually about 5-7% of olive cake is admixed to coal.  It can be successfully used in biomass dedicated power plans as a single fuel or in combination with other products.

It is available during the entire year and is used as a raw material for the extraction of the crashed olive kernels, but olive cake is a crop material. Some years the crop can be very good, some years – very poor. It is difficult to plan big quantities of olive cake for several year contracts.  

Crop usually starts in December-January and ends up in  March- April. But it is possible to perform olive cake deliveries during Summer as well.

Residuel humidity 12 - 15 %
Ash content 815 ° C (ASTM D482) 3-5%
(ASTM D482) 5%
Calorific value max. ca. 4,80 – 5,30 kW/kg
ca. 4,80 – 5,30 kW/kg 4.8%
Carbon (C) 51,38%
Hydrogen (H) 5,85%
Nitrogen (N) 1,28%
Oxygen (O) 36,9%
Sulphur (S) 0,09%

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