Olive Pellets

Olive Pellets

Olive pellets are most widely used as fuel in various industries for drying purposes and for hot water heating because of its thermal capacity. Besides, the pellets are applied in power plant for electricity generation. 

The pellets are also suitable for heating olive mills and private house. Similarly, the ashes produced in combustion are used to manufacture fertilizer, given their high soluble potassium content.

The combustion of olive pellets is considered carbon neutral since the plants inhale carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when they grow and store the carbon in the plant structure. Therefore, olive pomace pellet is a suitable alternative to fossil fuels. And the pellets are 100% natural product without any additives. 

From an environmental point of view, it is very important. The content of sulfur is too low to negligible and the pellet fuel does not contain toxic compounds or heavy metals.

Olive pellets are an alternative biomass fuel to wood pellets. As a granulate, they are suitable for biomass boilers, gasification plants, cogeneration units and thermal power stations. 

We deliver these products in large quantities from different countries around the Mediterranean to mainly The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, United Kingdom, and Germany

Total Moisture 12 - 15%
Ash 8,6%
(ASTM D482) 8.6%
Volatile Matter 65%
Gross Cal. Value 17,6 GJ / Mt
GJ / Mt
Net Cal. Value 16,23 GJ/ Mt
GJ/ Mt
Nitrogen (N) 0,74%
Chlorine (Cl) 0,175%
Sodium (Na) 0,012%
Potassium (K) 2,69%

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